Logic Pursuits

Data Drives Us

Data is at the heart of everything we do and we believe that the real power of data lies in intelligently using it to create actionable insights for our clients.

Our team takes your success personally, working tirelessly to solve your biggest challenges. Using technology combined with forward-thinking strategies, we help our clients optimize their operational efficiency to achieve their growth goals.

Our small team of passionate outside-the-box thinkers has the unique ability to bring fresh perspectives to clients. We are committed to solving the problems that matter while delivering exceptional client care. Our open-minded approach, love of learning, and deep technical expertise in all areas of business strategy and technology are the guardrails that guide us.

How We’re Different

90% of our customers come from existing client referrals. Some of our clients include major American and International enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing, bio-tech, retail, higher education, travel & hospitality, digital IT infrastructure providers, and non-profit industries. These clients experience the difference that our leadership team’s Big 4 consulting experience brings including our broad, unbiased, outside view perspectives.

Sometimes bigger is not better. Because of our boutique size, we are able to limit our engagements each year and intentionally focus on each client individually without the distractions of competing interests. Enjoy the personalized, responsive, and transparent experience we provide.

We use a combination of human expertise along with our proprietary, use case-specific Analytics Accelerators that produce insightful, actionable results at a rapid clip. Discover opportunities from our initial data analysis and then leverage those learnings for continual operational improvements.

Do the right thing. We believe in serving our clients with honesty and integrity. We’ll always be straight and upfront with you about what it will take to achieve your goals.

Commitment to quality results. We’re a cloud analytics-focused consulting organization dedicated to building elegant solutions to the forefront of emerging challenges.

Flexibility. Our delivery models can be custom-tailored to your engagement and include a full range of services – from strategic consulting to solution design/delivery, and managed support.

Domain expertise. We bring unmatched technology expertise, business & industry knowledge, and over two decades of “Big 4” consulting experience.

Clients over profit. We hold a strong tradition of investing in clients’ success ahead of maximizing engagements for profit.

Faster Delivery & Time-to-Value. We leverage modern technologies and our proprietary solution accelerators to prove value in mere weeks – not months or years.

What Our Clients Say About Us

In addition to bringing technical expertise around data analytics, Logic Pursuits brings extremely valuable knowledge around the types of analytics that can be used to provide insights across various business processes. The team’s expertise in internal audit functions was able to generate real value to our internal audit team.

Kalyan Upadhyaya
Director, Business Assurance Services (BAS)

Logic Pursuits has augmented our Internal Audit’s data analytics capabilities, enabling us to produce more work per same unit of time. Logic Pursuits has been a force multiplier for us. It brings a compelling value proposition. Their work quality is comparable to that found in top-tier consulting companies and they deliver it at a fraction of cost.

Raymond Lopez
Director of Internal Audit and Compliance
Our Core Values

Logic Pursuits operates on the belief system that placing our client’s needs first, drives the best results.

Our work is guided by our core values of:

Adhere to what makes us different
Take ownership of our work to maintain accountability and productivity
Focus on outcomes and avoid getting lost in the weeds
Be humble and curious in everything we do
Contribute to a better future for everyone involved
Leadership Team

Our passion is your success

Our leaders consist of innovative thinkers, savvy entrepreneurs, industry experts, and highly skilled technologists who bring together years of experience to guide our company’s success.

Our expertise, established in Big 4 roots, is the foundation for our passion to solve big challenges for our clients.

The commitment by our leadership team to deliver success for your business is demonstrated in the level of personalization and unrivaled value we provide. Our many clients have experienced, first-hand, how Logic Pursuits delivers business solutions exceeding those of the largest firms, but not at those large firm prices.

Kamlesh Korat

Managing Partner

Dheeraj Khandelwal


Ravi Shetty


Contact us and we’ll demonstrate exactly how we can help your business thrive through our unique, show and tell experience.

Change how your business views and uses data

You bring your big ideas and lofty goals, and we’ll bring our innovative solutions and expertise to help you achieve the business growth you seek. Experience the difference that our forward-thinking services can make. Contact us to learn more.