Strategize and Execute

Operational Transformations

Evaluate problems and get out in front of potential issues across all business areas with an accurate audit. Then, use actionable insights to develop a game-changing strategy.

Innovate and Understand

Data Analytics

Understand the data that matters most to your business operations to capitalize on trends and opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked.

Go Digital

Advanced Technological Solutions

Twenty-first century companies need modern, growth-enabling technologies. Take on the competition with world-leading digital platform providers.

commited to excellence

Your success is our success. We work tirelessly to ensure clients achieve growth goals, optimize operational efficiency and solve their biggest challenges with technology and forward-thinking strategies.

When it comes to client care, we’re different from our competitors. Deep Big 4 consulting experience among our leadership allows us to deliver top-notch resources, while our small size allows us to prioritize a personalized, responsive and transparent experience for clients.


Big-firm results delivered with small-firm care.

Ready to take your business to the next level? We’re here to help.


Our consultants, advisors and data engineers are all about helping businesses go further with operational strategy, data analysis and technology adoption. Through our various services, we provide the expertise, strategy and tools to tackle ambitious projects, innovate creative solutions to everyday problems and create new opportunities using technology and data.

Our services are collaborative and flexible to your unique needs: We’ll customize and combine our offerings based on business goals. And as co-collaborators, your key stakeholders will be able to give informed input on everything we do. Find out more about what we offer below.


We do advance risk and compliance management better.

Let Logic Pursuits serve as your new business advisor to ensure operational efficiency and compliance. We perform audits, assess and manage risk, evaluate compliance and design controls for forward-thinking businesses that want to understand their current and potential problems. After identifying risks and operational inefficiencies, we design creative solutions using data analytics and technical expertise.


We manage the life cycle of data - so you can focus on the business processes that matter most.

The team at Logic Pursuits understands the complexities of any organization’s most critical asset, data. Our data analytics services include intelligent automation, data management and governance, data visualization and continuous intelligence services. We partner with business leaders to innovate integrated and proven solutions around data practices. We also use data analytics to offer strategic recommendations, plan business process automation and identify opportunities for growth.


We believe that an efficient digital transformation is a necessary step towards growth and success in today’s landscape.

Our team brings companies into the digital world with sleek, user-friendly tools, softwares and platforms that answer their biggest security and operational challenges. To address client needs, we provide technology deployment, advisory and post-production support services - including Cloud, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS) technologies.

An Efficient Digital Transformation Starts Here

Realize your vision faster with effective strategy and technologies.

Our advisors are in the business of enabling efficiency, growth and success via world-class technologies. By delivering solutions in the form of sleek and modern digital platforms, we equip clients with the tools they need to get ahead of competitors. We work hard to understand current processes and systems to select, customize and implement a digital solution that fits every needs.


technology platforms


data visualization and analytics solution


customer-relationship management (CRM) service


web content management and multi-channel marketing automation

Power BI

data visualization and analytics solution


cloud computing solutions

Microsoft azure

cloud computing solutions

Our People

Our people drive our business - and yours. We’re confident in our small team of passionate outside-the-box thinkers and their ability to bring a fresh perspective to clients. Each and every team member is committed to solving problems that matter while delivering client care that outshines. With an openness to find new solutions, a love of learning and deep technical expertise in all areas of business strategy and technology, Logic Pursuits consultants are proud to make a difference everywhere they go.

To personally guarantee success and alignment, our Founder is involved with each and every client project. You can be confident in his expertise - driven by Big 4 roots - and unrivaled passion for client care. Learn more about his areas of specialty below.

Kamlesh Korat
kamlesh korat
managing partner

Kamlesh brings over 15 years of risk management and consulting experience having managed large and complex business transformation projects for financial institutions in the US and Canada. His career began at Deloitte, where he worked to implement data-driven and innovative solutions for risk, compliance, controls, and audit function for more than a decade. Kamlesh also worked as Director for BMO Financial Group in the US, where he continued to develop his focus on risk and compliance control management function.

Kamlesh understands the complex real-world problems many businesses face, and he is passionate about delivering proven data-driven solutions.

With multi-faceted experience in risk, compliance, audit, and business transformation Kamlesh leads Logic Pursuits to help clients leveraging data analytics and digital technologies promote operational efficiency and growth.

Industries We Serve

Travel & Hospitality
Travel & Hospitality

Stay in-budget with our cost-effective solutions.

Setting your business up for success doesn’t need to break the bank. As a small boutique firm, we’re able to offer higher-value responsive, flexible and agile services at a lower cost.


Our industry-leading problem-solvers approach challenges with modern, values-informed thinking.

See what’s possible with Logic Pursuits.

We bring a values-informed approach to every project we work on. As world-class advisors, we see our work with clients as highly collaborative: We work with you to solve the problems you need to solve, while achieving the goals you want to achieve. After we deep-dive into your business, people, process and technology to address key questions, we employ agile methodology to evolve and quickly deploy solutions. In reaching the best solution possible for each client, we strive to drive business value and deliver the transparency our clients have come to expect.

The work we do is informed by our core values

  • Do the right thing
  • Take ownership of our work to maintain accountability and productivity
  • Focus on outcomes and avoid getting lost in the weeds
  • Be humble and curious in everything we do
  • Contribute to a better future for everyone involved

Our domain expertise runs deep. Read more about our specific areas of focus below.

Operational Strategy: Quantitative risk analysis, audit and fraud analytics, compliance testing/monitoring, effective controls design/optimization.

Data Analytics: Data architecture/modeling/visualization, data management and governance, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), process automation.

Technology & Platform Services: Tech solution implementation, cloud architecture and migration, devops and security, product engineering, CRM, CX.


With years of experience designing and deploying some of the world’s top technology solutions for our clients, our expertise spans across multiple platforms and software providers. Our goal is to create incredible digital experiences for clients while helping them capitalize on growth-enabling technologies. Combining design, engineering and analytics, we are focused on building sustainable solutions for the future.

Our tech expertise includes proficiency in these tools, platforms and languages: Tableau, Salesforce, Sitecore, AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Power Bi, Qlik, D3, Alteryx, SAS, SQL, Python, Informatica, Workday, Concur, Snowflake, R, Collibra, Uipath, Blue Prism and Pega Systems.


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