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Improve Your Receivables and Cash Flow

Maximize your working capital with improved DSO

Despite the charter to collect cash, accounts receivable is a cost center. Incorrect manual entries, late billing, and risky customers result in late and missing payments and, eventually, write-offs.

Logic Pursuit’s Revenue & Accounts Receivable Analyzer identifies the roadblocks in your internal processes and systems that impact cashflow with the goal of speeding up your order-to-cash (OTC) and days sales outstanding (DSO) processes, reducing risk along the way.

By uncovering faults and inefficiencies in your process, Logic Pursuits can favorably impact your sales, supply chain systems and even customer relations.

Why Revenue & Receivables Analyzer?

Transform your accounts receivable from risk to reward

A short-term cash crisis can result in major business disruptions with long-lasting impact. Maintaining a balance between your long-term debts and daily cash management is essential to a healthy working capital cycle.

Comprehensive Order-to-Cash management and lower Days Sales Outstanding can lead to increased cash flow, decreased financial costs, enhanced credit ratings, higher margins and heightened shareholder value. DSO is a direct reflection of the strength of a company’s customer relationships and is regularly used by the investment community as a key indicator of an enterprise’s market and financial strength.

The typical reasons that prevent Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) from successfully improving DSO include:


Large disparate datasets

Data sets that live in different business units and regions leading to a lack of true visibility.


Lack of resources

Analyzing large sets of data is time intensive and most organizations struggle with the human capital and talent to do so effectively.


Lack of tools

Proactive tools that can analyze and identify root cause of delayed collections are not readily available.


Lack of methodology

The ability to effectively drill down into large data sets to identify pain points and opportunities requires a proven approach that most organizations have been unable to master.

What the Revenue & Receivables Analyzer Does

Logic Pursuits’ accelerator saves companies the time needed to routinely gather information from multiple systems and report via visual stories and dashboards.

Our Revenue & Receivables Analyzer provides deeper insights into key metrics such as customer adoption, days sales outstanding, current vs. delinquent, and write-offs. Best of all, finance executives and operational managers will gain business intelligence with minimal dependency on IT.

Solution features include:

  • Global view of accounts receivables (AR) health with intuitive dashboards and drill-down capabilities
  • Risk profiles by customer
  • Identifies creditors with payments at risk based on the analytics scoring model
  • Actionable intelligence for advanced warning & credit risk management
Say goodbye to all those Excel spreadsheets

The Benefits of Revenue & Receivables Analyzer

Gain control over your finance operations and working capital

Our solution uses a series of proprietary prebuilt analytics, algorithms and visualizations to glean insights into your revenue and AR data with the goal of discovering internal process improvement opportunities and reducing business risk.

Our clients benefit from:


Reduced human error

Monitor billing and orders efficiency by analyzing billing volumes, errors, and cycle time. Improve order-to-cash cycle time and improve cash satisfaction.


Improved revenue assurance

Implement proactive accounts receivables management, aging analysis, and Days Sales Outstanding analysis. Gain insights into volatility patterns.


Collecting more on-time payments

Predict and manage short-term cash flows with confidence. Understand and analyze cash application accuracy, unapplied cash, cash flow distribution and weekly cash flow forecasting to.


Improved cashflow

Improve profitability, cash flow and customer satisfaction through a better understanding of deductions, disputes, resolution times, reason code trends and bad debt write-offs.


Reduced collections risk

Drive proactive collections on risky customers with predictive analytics and improve collections efficiency while reducing operating costs. Use the insight to reallocate your resources based upon demand.


Reduced credit risk

Gain control of credit risk by analyzing credit limits, credit utilization and business segmentation. Identify potential at-risk debtors before the problem occurs, decreasing collections accounts and write-offs.

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