Logic Pursuits
Solving Real-World Business Challenges

Despite commonality in problems and challenges across most businesses, there is not commonality in their approaches to solving them. From short-term band-aid fixes to long-term strategies that are never fully implemented, businesses sometimes struggle year-over-year with the same problems, never actually solving them.

At Logic Pursuits, we have seen our share of common problems and have developed proven methodologies to solve them – quickly and cost-effectively.


Revenue growth

We help identify and control potential leakages in the Order to Cash process, while keeping processes efficient and agile enough to meet the business’s customer service objectives.


Margin improvement

Through greater visibility into spend, plugging of any leakages or waste in payables and contracts, we will help identify opportunities for cost savings that will impact your bottom line.


Control environment enhancements

We’ll put into place early warning of potential risks, a process to manage exceptions, and provide proactive and continuous assurance across the business operations.


Cashflow improvement

We’ll identify process inefficiencies related to logistics/inventory, optimization of inventory days, days sales outstanding (DSO), and days payable outstanding (DPO).


Process efficiency

Knowledge employees are frequently logged down by mundane, time-consuming and repeatable tasks. We’ll automate them to improve efficiency and reliability of work outcomes.

Our Approach

Start with a vision and determine where you are going

We bring a values-informed approach to each all of our projects. As world-class advisors, we see our work with clients as highly collaborative: we work with you to solve the problems you need to solve while achieving the goals you want to achieve.

After we deep-dive into your business, people, processes and technology, our iterative, end-to-end approach starts with the identification of opportunities and then an agile methodology to quickly deploy solutions. The culmination is broad adoption of new ways of working, all while ensuring that the underpinning technology and organizational model are specific to each client’s need.

With an unparalleled blend of technology, industry, and process expertise, we deliver collaborative, comprehensive, scalable, and transparent solutions that empower your enterprise every step of the way.

Our process - what you can expect us to do for you

Identify opportunities

Identify analytics use cases focusing on performance improvements, cost savings, and/or revenue growth. Develop a road map based on a broad range of potential solutions

Expand the data ecosystem

Construct an extensive data ecosystem using your internal and external data sources

Develop analytics and provide insights

Develop and/or customize the best analytics solution, ranging from basic analytics to advanced machine learning algorithms for client-service teams

Turning insights into actions

Develop solutions that allow users, at all levels, to intuitively connect with data to make meaningful and actionable discoveries

Manage adoption & changes

We help clients understand how these solutions work and train them so that they can use them consistently, knowing that they have the right data management strategies in place

Create solutions and data infrastructure
Our Operating Models

What works for you works for us

Our flexibility and cost-controlled engagement model allows us to deliver best-in-class solutions that meet client environments, timelines and specific use case needs including embedding analytics and insight-driven decision-making into your company culture.

Our Delivery Options



A mix of insourcing & outsourcing when specialized expertise is required.


Accommodates seasonal project-based needs requiring specialized, hard-to-retain expertise.

Augmenting Analytics Teams

Dedicated on-premise analytics consulting resource.

Our Deployment Options



Solutions are built and delivered on client’s managed technology environment.


Solutions are built and delivered using Logic Pursuit’s managed technology environment.

Contact us and we’ll demonstrate exactly how we can help your business thrive through our unique, show and tell experience.

Change how your business views and uses data

You bring your big ideas and lofty goals, and we’ll bring our innovative solutions and expertise to help you achieve the business growth you seek. Experience the difference that our forward-thinking services can make. Contact us to learn more.