Logic Pursuits

Data Silos

We turn your silos into an arsenal of information

Data becomes increasingly complex to manage as enterprises make acquisitions, expand globally, and add or create new systems and platforms as they grow over time. Fragmented and disconnected data ends up residing in many systems hampering business success which depends on full access and synthesis of these data sets.

The ability to understand large amounts of data and use it to make strategic decisions requires consolidation and analysis that many enterprises know they need but have not been able to tackle yet.

That’s where we come in. Logic Pursuits helps businesses tear down data silos and bring data to the forefront by providing deeper analysis and actionable insights that inform better strategic business decisions. 

Actionable Insights

We convert your web of data into insights you can trust

Access to data is one thing but understanding it through visualization and storytelling is another. At Logic Pursuits, we believe in showing our clients what their data is telling them and informing on areas of opportunity to streamline processes, prevent cost waste and make overall day-to-day operations more efficient.

Discovering actionable insights requires combining the technical expertise of data analytics with deep experience working with large data set challenges that solve real-world business problems.

The Big 4 experience of the Logic Pursuits team is the perfect marriage of technical capability and business know-how, bringing viewpoints that can be leveraged across various business verticals and processes.


We turn your ineffective manual reports into automated powerhouses of intelligence
Large data sets across multiple systems create reporting bottlenecks lacking in accuracy as well as an environment that acts as an accessory to poor decision-making, error and fraud. For Logic Pursuits, disparate reporting platforms are no problem. We work with our clients to build extensive data mining ecosystems, using both client-built and external data sources, to develop and customize the best analytics solution. Outputs include cleaner tabulation of data sets and easy visualization for leaders and those making day-to-day operational decisions. Data is validated and manual reports are converted to automation using the client’s platform of choice or third-party solutions such as Tableau, Power BI, Domo, or Alteryx. Logic Pursuits will remove your painful manual reporting exercises and replace them with elegant, user-friendly solutions that enable better decision-making.

Process Automation

We automate your unscalable processes so that you can do more with less

Logic Pursuits will help automate mundane, time-consuming, and repeatable tasks for knowledge employees in order to improve efficiency and reliability of work outcomes.

Our intelligent automation capabilities handle processes within key business functions such as accounts receivable, procurement and sourcing, cash and bank reconciliation, payroll, and internal controls and compliance testing.

Our process drives greater efficiency and cost savings allowing teams to focus on strategic initiatives without being bogged down by the task of assembling and interpreting data manually. We will also help improve your processing time, provide greater accuracy, and save costs by reducing or eliminating manual, monotonous work.

Contact us and we’ll demonstrate exactly how we can help your business thrive through our unique, show and tell experience.

Change how your business views and uses data

You bring your big ideas and lofty goals, and we’ll bring our innovative solutions and expertise to help you achieve the business growth you seek. Experience the difference that our forward-thinking services can make. Contact us to learn more.