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Captemo Emotion & Sentiment Analytics

Captemo® is our cloud-based sentiment analytics solution designed to bring valuable insights from every customer interaction so that businesses can enrich the customer experience and drive deeper engagement between consumer and brand.

Why Captemo Emotion & Sentiment Analyzer?

Our artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution has the ability to detect facial expressions and recognize key human emotion characteristics such as happy, sad, angry, disgusted, etc. from unstructured information.

This analysis provides significant value for companies seeking to improve customer emotional engagement with their brand through more personalized experiences. Using real-time understanding of customer emotions, brands can improve their in-store experience.

Our Technology

Captemo uses a mix of cutting-edge visual intelligence technology and deep learning techniques to provide valuable insights from every customer interaction whether visual, verbal or text-based.

Captemo is agile, flexible and scalable, capable of managing continuous image and/or video processing and can be configured to accommodate on-demand services.

Who Uses Captemo?

Industries who have used traditional customer satisfaction surveys are turning to AI-based emotional intelligence analysis to better understand the true customer experience they are providing.

Here are some examples:



Understand true emotional sentiment to improve in-store consumer experience. Additionally, use that analysis to create more effective advertising campaigns.



Using facial expression recognition analysis helps staff improve customer service protocols for guest interactions.



As driving becomes more personalized, auto manufacturers can uncover true consumer preferences along with making cars safer to drive.



Analysis helps educators gauge the effectiveness of their instruction as well as the interest level of their students in order to optimize instruction.

The Benefits of the Captemo Emotion & Sentiment Analyzer

What Do Your Customers Really Think About You?

Three core emotions are visible when measuring contextual customer experience. Happiness and surprise are the most common positive emotions, and anger is recognized as the primary negative emotion.

The ability to understand customer emotions provides a way to understand how your customer services are perceived. When are they happy? When are they angry? What triggers these emotions?

Capturing these emotions in the moment provides a more accurate understanding of customer sentiment versus traditional surveys where customers share their feedback well after a service is performed. Survey delays provide inaccurate service level perceptions which can skew heavily in either a positive or negative direction.

With real-time customer emotion and sentiment data analysis, businesses can confidently address customer experience challenges and optimize them more rapidly. 

Client Case Studies
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