Logic Pursuits

The Institute of Internal Auditors 2022 International Conference

July 18 – 20, 2022

Chicago, Illinois

Join us at the Institute of Internal Auditors 2022 International Conference in Chicago, Illinois July 18 –  20. The premier global event for internal auditors, Logic Pursuits is pleased to share our analytics and automation capabilities and how we are helping leading organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, transform their internal audit function by leveraging innovative techniques that drive improved business results and deliver strategic, measurable value to an organization’s bottom line.

Come see us!

If you’re looking to improve your operational efficiencies, achieve greater audit coverage, and data-driven actionable insights, stop by our booth (#108) and meet with our managing partner Kamlesh Korat, partner Dheeraj Khandelwal, and consultant, Varun Prabhakar.

We will be demonstrating our analytics accelerators, showcasing real-world examples of our unique solution, capabilities, and art of the possible! See how we leverage our analytics, automation, and storytelling capabilities to visualize business problems and solutions more easily.

Want a personal tour? Contact us and we’ll schedule a time to walk you one-on-one through our process and demonstrate exactly how we can help you accelerate your audit function.

Change how your business views and uses data You bring your big ideas and lofty goals, and we’ll bring our innovative solutions and expertise to help you achieve the business growth you seek. Experience the difference that our forward-thinking services can make.