Logic Pursuits

Logic Pursuits was engaged by one of the largest U.S. coffee shops with the aim of understanding potential trouble spots in their in-store customer experience.

  • Industry: Retail
  • Annual Revenue: $1.8+ Million
  • Number of Employees: 20 FTEs & PTEs
Project Goal

What in-store triggers cause customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction?

The Proof of Concept (PoC) sought to test and analyze in-store customer behavior and emotional response to improve customer experience, increase revenue, improve employee engagement and productivity, and streamline operations.

Our Approach

Through our cloud based Captemo solution, we were able to detect, measure, and analyze facial expressions such as happiness, anger, and surprise. This data was overlaid with other key internal and external observational factors including sales, employees, and weather to provide valuable insights.


A total of 3,583 key emotion indicators (KEIs) were captured during the 18-day test period.  2,810 happiness events were captured for a 54% average weighted score, 712 surprise events were captured for an 11% average weighted score, and 61 anger events were captured for a less than 1% average weighted score.

Insights & Next Steps

The client recognized that customer emotions varied based on day, time of day, and employee shift. They were able to develop their own “Customer Happiness Index (CHI)” as a key performance indicator for their business. Through ongoing monitoring, they were able to evaluate and test different strategies to improve customer experience, impacting the overall health of their business.

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